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Please find a collection news reports from Yahoo! specializing in Automotive news. If you have a suggestion for additional news source, please send us an email

Yahoo! Advertisement Car Magnet

Yahoo! Auto Safety

Yahoo! Automobile Safety

Yahoo! Automotive

Yahoo! Automotive Safety

Yahoo! Car Magnets

Yahoo! Car Magnetic Signs

Yahoo! Car Safety

Yahoo! Car Signs

Yahoo! Defensive Driving

Yahoo! Department of Motor Vehicles

Yahoo! Driver Ed Student

Yahoo! Driver Education School

Yahoo! Drivers Ed

Yahoo! Drivers Education

Yahoo! Drivers License

Yahoo! Drivers License Permit

Yahoo! Drivers License Test

Yahoo! Driving Safety

Yahoo! Driving Safety Course

Yahoo! Driving Safety School

Yahoo! Driving Safety Tip

Yahoo! Driving School

Yahoo! Elderly Drivers

Yahoo! Graduated Driver Licensing

Yahoo! Parents of Teen Drivers

Yahoo! Parent Support Group

Yahoo! Public Safety

Yahoo! Road Rage

Yahoo! Road Safety

Yahoo! Safety Signs

Yahoo! Senior Drivers

Yahoo! Student Drivers

Yahoo! Teen Drivers

Yahoo! Teen Drivers
Yahoo Discussion Group

Yahoo! Teen Driving Safety

Yahoo! Teen Safety

Yahoo! Teenage Drivers

Yahoo! Traffic Safety

Yahoo! Traffic School

Yahoo! Vehicle Registration

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Here are few auto news channels from thousands on the web. Each news channel sources are gathered either from their syndication feed or by analysing the actual web pages.

Sources are updated as often as every fifteen minutes, although actual update rate depends on how often each source changes. Each source is updated at least once a day.

The channels collect headlines from a collection of news relevant web sites around the web and displays them on a number of custom pages.

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