Student Drivers

Raise Money for your Fund Raiser!

Lets keep new teen drivers safe in the unmarked family car by putting a “Student Driver” magnet on the family cars. Driving school vehicles are always well marked, but new teen drivers with permit licenses that are required to drive with their parents in an unmarked family vehicle are not able to inform other drivers who is driving the family car. You can help promote this safety message, by using our magnets for your fund raiser.

We offer a 40% discount on our magnets when purchased in lots of 100 magnets. Each magnet is sold for $6, giving your fund raiser the opportunity to earn $400 on every 100 magnets by charging $10 per magnet.

Additionally, you can continue raising funds throughout the year by marketing the magnets on the Internet. We will provide you an affiliate URL, banners and images for your website or any other marketing information you may require to promote the magnets

Please contact us directly at (248) 568-2241 or by email to start this program.

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