Driver Education Teacher Certification

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What is one recommendation you would make to improve American schools?

It seems like the people making major decisions, like the people in charge of making new laws and who are dictating reform and the people on state boards of education dictating requirements and changing the school curriculum, and all these “experts” that insist upon more testing or tougher teacher certification requirements, they all seem out of touch with the reality and problems of modern public education for some reason.

I want to know what real people think, I bet the average person could inform the “experts” of alot of things.

You were either a student, or have kids or nieces and nephews who are students. Maybe you are a teacher or even a cafeteria worker or bus driver or just someone who has walked the halls of a school since the 1950s. You probably know more than most of these experts. So I am curious what YOU think.

What do YOU believe would be an important school improvement that the “experts” are overlooking? What issues should they be addressing that they aren’t?

Education started out to be a one on one experience. A pupil learning the sum of the wisdom aquired by a learned scholar in some topic or specialty. A pupil who could study under multiple scholars then learned multiple subjects.

Somewhere down the line we lost the individual in all this. School paces are set at a lowest common denomanator and the much heralded efforts at special and advanced education are not really doing much. So school today is really a study in social dynamics taught between classes with very little learning actually going on.

My suggestion is we have the technology to make individual paced learning realistic. We have good reasons to use it. Sure it means no more cheating on homework as everybody will be doing different things and studying at different levels. It also means people actually come out with meaningfull education and for most at least thousand fold more usefull experience. So lets do it. Work with the strengths and weaknesses of the student. This will allow for more one on one but with people who do not have to be in the same nation as the student. No more artificial grades. Instead real knowledge aquisition and practical knowledge aquisition. So it’s individual paced curricum with more one on one time with experts in the actual subject.

Short Project Story – ECDL

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