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drivers education courses driving school
In NYS, Is a 5 hour pre-licensing course a required DMV Driver Education Course?

I got to a private boarding school, and cant take Driver’s Ed. My mom found a pre-licensing course, and signed me up. i have since be looking into the course, and i wanted to know whether after i can complete this class, i can get my full license, or if i have to do something else. The only thing i want to do is have my license and be able to drive myself anywhere, with anyone in the car? Does anyone have any insight on this very confusing topic? what exactly do i need to do ?
If i take the course, then i can take my road test, pass, and be a full driver? with all the privdleges? i am 16 by the way, turning 17 in april

yes, it is required then you can schedule your road test once you pass you will receive your license I believed the law have changed you have to be 18 to be licensed but I could be wrong.

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